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Let's Eat! - Posted April 28, 2017 noon
Photo by Shannon Richardson

The Açaí Bar

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For those pursuing the clean eating trend, a visit to the The Açaí Bar might help keep you on track.

The açaí berry is naturally low in sugar, which gives it a mildly bitter taste – one that doesn’t tend to register well with the American palate. But top it with fresh fruit, and you keep the high antioxidants in acai and add beneficial fiber to your diet. That’s the idea behind The Açaí Bar’s filling bowls or smoothies as an alternative to a fast-food breakfast, lunch or dinner.

When you feel an unhealthy craving kicking in, call ahead to order and pick up a bowl to go. Each menu item is made fresh with mostly organic ingredients. Every bowl begins with an açaí blend and your choice of toppings, which can include granola, pineapple, bananas, strawberries, mini chocolate chips, coconut shreds or honey. As the summer months approach, an açaí bowl or smoothie can also serve as a healthier option to a dish of ice cream.

7306 SW 34th Ave., Suite 9, 367.9724

Open Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

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by Michele McAffrey

Born and raised in Amarillo, Michele has been with AGN Media for nine years. After spending years in freelance sales and as a makeup artist, she enjoys channeling her creative energy into Amarillo Magazine and a variety of other projects published by AGN Media.
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