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Dress Code - Posted February 24, 2017 9:19 a.m.
Photos by Shannon Richardson

Fine Lines

Horizontal or vertical, colorful or monochrome, fat or thin: Regardless of the arrangement or product, stripes are in high fashion this spring. These styles go far beyond the vintage, rigid black-and-white stripes of the past. Don’t think understated pinstripes. Think bold, playful, and contemporary stripes that make a statement. If the runways of September’s Fashion Week are any indication, expect Amarillo’s boutiques and department stores to be filled with stripes over the next few weeks. Here are a few of the pieces that caught our attention.

Cupcakes and cashmere off-the-shoulder crop top $90, Makie Black

Lightweight scarf $59.50, Talbots

Peplum top $79.50, Talbots

Yumi dress $119, Toye’s Boutique

Michael Kors canvas stripe bag $298, Dillard’s

Antonio Melani blazer $179, Dillard’s

by Jason Boyett

Jason is a journalist, copywriter, ghostwriter, and the author of more than a dozen books. His most recent is “12 World Religions: The Beliefs, Rituals, and Traditions of Humanity's Most Influential Faiths”, published by Zephyros Press. Learn more at
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