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Let's Eat! - Posted December 23, 2016 9:16 a.m.
photo by Shannon Richardson

YCSF Craft

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When you talk food with Chef Scott Buchanan, of YCSF Craft, you realize he’s a progressive Professor of Cuisine – even if he doesn’t know that about himself.

With the slogan “Changing Yellow City one meal at a time” Buchanan is out to convert hungry Amarillo patrons from their same-old barbecue, burger, and beer routine with his gourmet street food and craft sodas, ciders, beers and wine.

Located on Wolflin Avenue since late September, Chef Scott and wife Rin have already made their mark on the neighborhood with their WolfFest event this past October, a neighborhood welcome party that featured offerings from YCSF Craft, the former Midtown Kitchen, 575 Pizzeria, and Taste Dessert Bar.

You’ll find a rotating menu of fast-casual food that ranges from street-style tacos and burgers to bánh mí and poutine (shown). Get ready for meals that delight the taste buds with the perfect blend of spice, heat, and salty-sweet flavor.

The Buchanans rely on local vendors for the majority of their ingredients, holding to their belief in shopping local, for everything from fresh greens to pork belly (shown). Look for an increase in course pairing dinners at YCSF Craft throughout the coming months, along with an introduction to off-cuts of meat like head cheese, which Scott plans to offer to educate the public on the varying flavors and textures available in his culinary repertoire.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 6-9 p.m.

2916 Wolflin Ave.

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by Michele McAffrey

Born and raised in Amarillo, Michele has been with AGN Media for nine years. After spending years in freelance sales and as a makeup artist, she enjoys channeling her creative energy into Amarillo Magazine and a variety of other projects published by AGN Media.
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