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Cover Story - Posted March 27, 2015 10:46 a.m.
photos by Shannon Richardson

Marci Abrahamson: Pearl Moon by Moonwater

Marci Abrahamson has come a long way from her school days when she attended a college in Dallas hoping to start a career in retail merchandising display. “Growing up, I loved to do all kinds of art and putting things together,” she says. Upon graduating, she realized that display assembly required long hours for little pay, and changed her focus to decorating homes. That was 35 years ago.

Today she owns the Sixth Street retail shop Pearl Moon by Moonwater and consults as an interior decorator for local builders, homeowners and businesses. And for the past two decades, she has owned and operated Moonwater Weddings, where she plans and decorates weddings at a beautiful outdoor venue west of Amarillo.

“Decorating is my true love,” Marci says. From restaurants to dental offices to new houses that have been featured in the Parade of Homes, her interior decorating resume is visible throughout the city. “It’s what I truly love to do. I do draperies, bedding, helping people with their textiles, picking out furniture and home accessories.”

When helping decorate a home, she often finds herself working with things people already own rather than purchasing new items. “Most people have a collection of things they want to show,” Marci says. “I like to make these things feel fresh and new in a different place. These things tell a story about them. It’s a conversation when people come into their home.”

As for her own decorating tastes, she describes her home as eclectic, with a “country-vintage-Bohemian” feel. But she’s happy to decorate in any style, from traditional to the most modern and contemporary looks. “I really love people to love their home,” she explains. “I want them to come home to something that’s just them.”


Where do you find inspiration? On television and looking through magazines.

How do you begin the creative process? I first look at a room and determine its function, then build from there.

Is there a signature touch you like to add to your design work? I like to use black and white (or cream), books, frames and mirrors, building layers as I go.

How is the design world different than it was five or 10 years ago? Looks are less cluttered now.

What is the most important factor when designing a room? Its function.

What is your favorite design trend? The use of vintage items in new ways.

What is the easiest way to update a room? Rearrange the client’s current furniture and accessories, and add a new color to the scheme.

What is your favorite room to decorate? Bedrooms.

What are the biggest influences in your style? Going to markets.

What is the biggest design faux pas? The wrong placement of furniture.

What is your own house like? Eclectic.

What do you do when you’re not working? Create and study new ideas.


Frame $42
Use frames in a variety of sizes and shapes to add depth and texture on a mantelpiece.

Potted ivy $45
Real ivy – rather than artificial – is easy to grow and brings a bit of the outside in.

Wooden pedestal $80
Use to add height for lamps or candles, and on top of coffee tables to emphasize an item.

Lamp $110
Grays and creams paired together are calming neutrals.

Vintage pitcher $48
This vintage pitcher – polished up for a bit of shine – is perfectly repurposed as a vase for an eye-catching floral arrangement.

All items from Pearl Moon by Moonwater

by Jason Boyett

Jason has written more than a dozen books and is the host and creator of “Hey Amarillo”, a local interview podcast. Visit and
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