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20 Questions - Posted March 27, 2015 10:44 a.m.
photo by Shannon Richardson

20 Questions with Joseph B. Peterson, Jr. – Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

What is the best advice you received when you were beginning your career? Work like no one else will now, so that you can live like no one else will later.

How do you use social media to grow your network? I am a member of the Business Breakfast International (BNI) referral group. We post on Facebook to publicize our meetings and events. I use LinkedIn to expand my network of professional contacts.

How do you maintain balance? Right now it is fairly easy because my wife is just as busy as I am and we don’t have any children. I’m usually doing one of three things: networking, networking or networking.

What has been your wisest investment? The time and money it took to earn my degrees from WTAMU and TTU. In a little more than six years I earned not only bachelor’s and master’s degrees, but I also gained work, leadership and public speaking experience, and competed in intercollegiate athletics. I learned more in those years than I could have ever imagined.

How has your past work experience shaped you into a leader? As a peer leader at WTAMU I was able to serve as a mentor for incoming students. At TTU I traveled to represent the university in recruiting fairs. I also led student organizations and served on a regional board of directors. Those experiences were humbling and encouraged me to work hard to become a great leader.

What is the best part about your job? Helping clients reach their financial goals. I enjoy developing personalized plans for retirement or college savings.

How has mentorship made a difference in your professional and private life? It has encouraged me to strive to achieve more than I knew was possible. It is inspiring to see the success of the veteran Edward Jones advisors and to know that they are willing to help me achieve that same success and more.

Which living person do you most admire and why? My parents. They modeled what it meant to have a strong work ethic, Christian values, and a committed marriage. I hope to be that parent for my children one day.

Which over-used word or phrase makes you cringe? Twerk. It makes me afraid to have children!

What is your business philosophy? Treat every client like they are my best client. The highest compliment I can receive is a referral. If I am doing a good job my clients will tell their friends, family members and associates.

Which quality do you most value in an employee? Reliability. I need to know I can count on someone to get the job done.

What personality trait has most helped you succeed? I am able to quickly build rapport and trust with my clients and professional contacts.

Who is your favorite author? John Maxwell. I aspire to be a great leader for my family, business and community.

What did you learn from your best boss? Show your employees that you care about their personal development and success. Your worst? The words “thank you” and “good job” go a long way.

How can Amarillo improve its business environment? I would like to see all of the city’s businesses (north, south, east, west and all variations in between) benefit from the city’s plan for growth.

Most important tech tool: Cell phone/tablet/laptop.

Best time management tool: Joneslink, Edward Jones’ version of Outlook on steroids.

I can’t live without my: The first thing to come to mind (and I couldn’t think of anything else): my wife.

My favorite thing about Amarillo is: The city’s potential. I recently went through the Amarillo Citizens Academy, “Amarillo 101,” which gave me a new outlook on the city. I am excited about the development going on right now and the future.

Most unusual job or task: My first job was a pool waiter at the Amarillo Country Club. Good thing I wasn’t a lifeguard because I can’t swim.

-- the AM Team

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