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50 Shades of Beige

Since beige is all the rage, we scoured Amarillo’s boutiques for examples of this versatile, timeless color.


Chews wisely when getting a puppy

We are back in the dog business. Actually, we’re in the puppy business, and there’s a huge difference.


20 Questions with… Janey Morgan, Owner, Janey’s at 2500

Janey Morga shares her advice for success in the world of business.


Amarillo’s First Drugstore

The first local drugstore opened at Third Avenue and Polk Street around the turn of the century.


Amarillo Tri-State Fair

From those earliest days, a variety of culinary and creative arts contests have been part of the Tri-State Fair.


APD Benefit Fundraiser

On Sept. 23 the Amarillo Police Department held its Benefit Fundraiser at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex.

Amarillo Zoo

Amarillo Zoo will keep animal and nature lovers busy with activities this month.


Home-Cooked Comfort

Delvin Wilson suggested a rich seafood gumbo, an easy-to-prepare pork tenderloin, and for dessert, the always impressive bananas Foster.


Girasol Cafe & Bakery

Girasol Cafe & Bakery offers a sunny retreat from busy southwest Amarillo.