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The Itch to Stitch

In recent years, knitting has exploded in popularity, which means the traditional cowl – almost always a knitted product – is as trendy as it has ever been.


Lashing Out: Putting Mascara Claims to the Test

We took a variety of mascaras for an eyelash test-drive.


Dressing Down Up Top

When it comes to a woman’s appearance, the natural look is definitely trending for spring.


Apology to winter, spring is much worse

We’re reaching the end of February and heading into March, and, thus spring, our alleged spring. I don’t like spring.


Safari Club International Banquet

Safari Club International hosted a banquet on March 21 at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex.

Chamber Music Amarillo’s “Singin’ with da Strings!”

On March 14 Chamber Music Amarillo will present “Singin’ with da Strings!” Featuring Song Singer Consortia, singers; Annie Chalex Boyle, violin; Kimberly Sparr, viola; David Schepps, cello; David Palmer, piano; and John Boyle, lecturer, the Saturday evening event is preceded by a Family Fun Night on March 13.


Palio’s Pizza Café

Palio’s Pizza Café is the newest Italian food restaurant in town.



Andy and T Price of Real Food Café on Sixth Street share their favorite at-home recipes that take advantage of this iconic skillet.